Last Morning on the Bay

"Last Morning on the Bay", Image Size 14 x 18", Pastel Over Watercolor.

"Last Morning on the Bay"

If you've read my blog in the past, you've probably seen me write about my family's floating fishing cabin. Usually the very last morning on the bay before we leave always ends up being the most beautiful day of all. It never fails. If we had a line in the water we would probably be catching fish too. There are lots of chores to do before we head out and that's really the last thing any of us wants to do because no one is ready to leave. One of the chores, however, that is very important, is hanging the jugs up on the deck. If you are wondering what this is all about, it serves as a deterrent to keep the Herons away from the deck where they love to mark their territory! The wind and movement of the floating cabin keeps the jugs swinging back and forth and scares the birds away, that's in theory at least. Keeping our fingers crossed might prove to be just as effective!

"Last Morning on the Bay" will be on display at Cappy's Restaurant, 5011 Broadway, San Antonio, Tx until  Dec. 2, 2018. It is part of my current exhibit there titled "The Tranquil Colors of Light".

Journey Down A Country Road

"Journey Down A Country Road", 18 x 23", Pastel over Watercolor on watercolor paper.

Journey Down A Country Road

There is a rural road I often travel down with my camera, usually in the morning, sometimes late afternoon. The road is kind of long and winding. There is always an abundance of interesting sights to discover on this road which includes lots of cactus - sometimes blooming, sometimes full of purple pears. Periodically, they appear green and thorny while other times shriveled and dead.  There is a low water crossing that is, on occasion, really full, yet now and then, it seems content to watch the over flow of water trickle lazily across it's path. I've seen cattle sleeping, eating or looking at me through a barbed wire fence. I’ve seen horses, dogs, and hawks. There are meadows thick with wildflowers, ponds, streams and old weathered fences, gates and barns, once useful, now quietly sad and broken down.

I love this old road. I see it as my life’s journey driving down this dusty, country path.
It is ever changing, always diverse, with unexpected discoveries that fill the landscape. When it rains it might be difficult to navigate and in some instances impassable. Occasionally, it feels very sad and lonely here while other times incredibly peaceful, but always, ultimately, so extraordinarily beautiful.

God is everywhere on this road that I am traveling on and I am so blessed to be on this journey.

Unexpected Beauty

"Plum Prickly" ,  Pastel Unexpected Beauty It’s a mystery to me why I am so drawn to painting cactus. I’ve always thought ...