Texas Radiance

"Texas Radiance", Image Size 12 x 16", Pastel Over Watercolor

Texas Radiance

The Cactus is one of the most fascinating plants to me. In fact, I think Cacti are the most beautiful ugly plants I know. Growing up in South Central Texas, I saw and experienced many of these thorny bushes. I've seen their ugliness and I've seen their incredible beauty. They remind me a lot of life in general. Their thorns are like the painful and very difficult experiences in life. But God's light reveals the beauty in all things, even the very painful and thorny things. And once the ugliness gives way to the light, beauty begins to bloom and it is radiant.

I strive to portray the reflection of the light that gives beauty and peace. My desire is to reveal it in every one of the images I paint.

Unexpected Beauty

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