Taylor Prater's interview with me about the “Classic Visions” show at Keller Town Hall.

Taylor Prater, a City Reporter for the Keller Citizen Newspaper interviewed me recently for a story she was writing about the "Classic Visions" Art Show at Keller Town Hall in Keller, Texas. I don't usually have many opportunities to talk about my work. Normally, I'm behind the scenes "doing" the art. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share a little about myself and some thoughts behind the way I paint.

Taylor Prater,
Keller City Citizen Reporter
1. Jeannette, where do you live now? Are you a Texas Native? I saw on your website you grew up in San Antonio.
I am definitely a native Texan, born and bred, through and through. Even though I was born and raised in San Antonio, I have been living in Pleasanton, Texas for over 18 years now.

2. What do you typically paint?  
I typically paint the people and places from around where I live, which is south Texas. I guess you could say basically, I am  painting scenes from my life through the images around me that lift me up and move my soul, that inspire me. 

3. Do you do a lot of pieces similar to the theme of this show?
I normally elaborate through my art the beauty of the people and places here in South Texas. Special people, captivating scenes and gorgeous places are all part of the story I paint through my art. I am fascinated by the beauty and simplicity of the everyday flow of living out here and I enjoy trying to capture the warmth and spirit of every aspect of it. Normally, however, I don’t paint as broad a subject matter as is found in this show.

4. What are your favorite things to paint? 
I mostly enjoy painting subjects that are covered in sunlight. And as time goes on I find myself gravitating more toward peaceful images. The sunlight in my work represents a spiritual aspect of God for me. It illuminates all things and shows the true beauty that lies within each subject. Light can transform an otherwise unattractive object into a thing of glorious beauty. It not only reflects and refracts color like a prism off the surface but also reveals a glowing presence from within that emanates out from each subject. This is one reason I prefer using watercolor in my under paintings. It is like a river of flowing color beneath the surface of glittering light which is the pure pigment of pastel. The 2 mediums glow together and create an energy that is both mesmerizing and healing to me. 

5. What will we see from you at the art show in August?
For this exhibit I have chosen to show a more personal variety of images that are close to me and that I have been very inspired by. These include some Texas coastal scenes, images of family and special friends and also some special places I have discovered while roaming the rural countryside in search for some beautiful images to paint.

6. What would you say is your “style” when painting? What’s the process like for you and what do you like using, techniques, etc.?
I would say my style is loose realism. My process requires me to paint an under painting so the pastel will have something to interact with. This part is particularly enjoyable because I can be very loose and bold with my colors at this stage. I use tube watercolor on stretched watercolor paper to block in the colors that will eventually be seen peeking through the pastel layers on top. I like using watercolor because it has great depth of color and a wonderful fluidity and natural quality about it that interacts beautifully with the layers of pastel.

Hope you'll join me for the Opening Reception Thursday, August 14 from 7-9 p.m.
Come by and say hello if you are in the area.
The show is open to the public.

Keller Town Hall Hosts "Classic Visions; 3 Artists 3 Visions"

"Back Road Reflections" by Jeannette Cuevas

A reception hosted by the Keller Public Arts Program 
honoring three Texas artists 
featured in 
"Classic Visions; 3 Artists, 3 Visions," 
will be taking place in the foyer of 
Keller Town Hall 
from 7-9 p.m. on Thursday, August 14. 

            The reception is free and open to the public. The Classic Visions exhibit showcases 
            works by Jeannette Cuevas, Arthur Guerra and Pat Wayman, and remains on display 
            in the Public Arts Gallery from Aug. 4-28.

1100 Bear Creek Parkway, Keller, Tx. • 817-743-4000 • www.cityofkeller.com

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2014/08/01/6012675/happenings-in-august.html#storylink=cpythis month’s Public Arts Gallery display. T

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