Pastel Painting of Cactus Now Complete

FINALLY, it's complete! This 27" x 48" pastel cactus in full bloom painted on pumice primed board is finally finished. A well deserved thank you to my very kind and very patient clients who never lost hope that they would indeed see their commissioned painting completed and ultimately installed in their home.

During the final stages of this painting, I was fortunate to take a workshop with well known and highly accomplished still life artist, Claudia Seymour. The lessons I took away from her workshop enabled me to complete the last bits of this painting confidently. Learning how to incorporate subtle color in the dark areas on the left allowed me to keep that area in the distance yet still have lots of interest. Also, making sure the elements up front were the sharpest and most vivid, and allowing the elements to become more diffused in color and clarity as they receded into the distance helped give this painting a real sense of depth and presence. Thank you Claudia. It was just what I needed to bring this painting home.

Unexpected Beauty

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