Back In The Studio!

First of all, I must apologize for having been gone from my blog for the last couple of months. Between recovering from surgery on both my feet, traveling, completing a “huge” project that kept me working long hours ( I’ll share more on that later) and more traveling,...I’m afraid I found myself in a slump with my posting. But the hu-bub in my studio hasn’t changed and even though I continue to hobble around on my still healing feet, I am slowly getting back on track, thank goodness.

My last post gave you a glimpse of the 3 pieces I submitted to the Corridor of Art Show sponsored by the Austin Pastel Society in Austin, Texas. When the awards were decided, my painting titled “Triple Crowns” received a 2nd place in the Still Life category.

Even more exciting, a few weeks later, at the Texas Pastel Society’s 1st Annual Show at the Coppini Academy of Fine Art in San Antonio, my pastel painting titled “Warm Morning Light” won Best Of Show. I was thrilled! This was such an enjoyable image to paint. I loved the effect the light had on my granddaughter’s hair and shirt and especially her mug of cocoa as it glowed from behind and filtered through everything. It made me feel good to know others enjoyed it too.

My next entry, which is quickly approaching, will be to the Pastel Society of America’s Annual Juried Competition. I have never submitted anything to this prestigious show but I will be honored if all I do is get accepted.

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