Exploring Your Passion

First of all, I must apologize for not having posted in a while. I have been off my routine for a time but am now back on track with several new paintings completed and a new process to share. These latest pieces are different in theme from my usual western images because I have given myself the freedom to explore some new subjects. For the past several years my art has been of the western nature, ranching, chuck wagon cooking and modern day cowboys. These subjects continue to be very dear to my heart, but recently I have had a desire to explore some new subjects. Mark Kohler who is a tremendous watercolor artist and a knowledgeable teacher, gave me the direction I needed to hear in his blog post about finding your passion and being true to yourself.

As artists, it's easy sometimes to settle into a subject you know and enjoy painting because it is familiar to you, but let me challenge you to give yourself permission to explore periodically. You may be surprised at the treasures that are exposed. Stretching yourself to press on to uncharted territories can be a scary adventure but how would you ever find what truly moves you unless you search for it and explore your passion. As Mark says, "if you stay true to yourself and pursue your own artistic passion and your own artistic vision, that honesty will come through to a collector".

Slickhorn Nerwborn
Mark is a western watercolor artist whose own passion is painting the spirit and independence of the modern day cowboy, which he has an abundance of admiration and respect for. I first saw Mark's work at a gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico about 5 years ago and have been an admirer of his art ever since. Not long ago I stumbled onto his blog where he freely shares his knowledge and expertise on everything from watercolor to wild hogs and wise cowboys.

I encourage you to check out Mark's site. Whatever direction your creativity leans you are sure to be greatly informed and truly inspired.

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