Building Pastel on Top of Watercolor

Now comes the fun part!
Once you have established your under painting with the colors you've chosen and taken the time to get your values and especially your darks as they should be, you will be able to start applying your pastel. I like this part best because now is when the actual image starts to evolve and the beautiful layering of color starts to glow. You can already see subtleties of color in the background layers beginning to interact with the pastel.
This translates as energy and I often refer to it as the "soul" of the painting. It glows through and gives life to the images.

Here is
a close up of the finished piece titled "Sweet Solitude". When I look at this picture I can almost hear what's going on in this guy's mind.... Finally,... Sweet Solitude! This is my husband and I know for a fact he would love to be saying that right now!


  1. This is beautiful, your experiment worked well! Congratulations on the award in the International Pastel magazine. So cool!!!!!!

  2. Your artwork is such an inspiration..
    Thanks for sharing.
    Actually, I saw your beautiful artwork in the International Artist. Congaratulations for being the Grand Prize Winner (oCt/ Nov 2010)!

    yati yusoff

  3. I just saw this at Cappy's restaurant.....I am amazed at the beauty of every one of your paintings that I saw!!!!


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