I mean it, GET OUT! Sometimes you just have to get out of your studio to get a fresh perspective. This post has nothing to do with pastel painting per say but does have everything to do with feeding your creative mind. I recently had the opportunity to attend a quilting retreat at The Retreat House in Rockport, Texas. Quilting is something I am absolutely fascinated by. The gorgeous patterns created by small pieces of colorfully coordinated fabrics is mesmerizing and an art in itself. I have traveled to Houston, Texas to attend the International Quilt Festival numerous times and have even begun several quilt projects of my own. Unfortunately, however, that's usually as far as it gets. I have never been to a quilting retreat but intrigued by the thought of 4 days of solitude to work on whatever unfinished quilting projects I felt like working on (and in my pj's if I so desired), I decided to go. What an incredible few days it turned out to be. Surrounded by numerous talented quilters who were tremendously inspiring and were never short on encouragement, I sewed to my heart's content. My enthusiasm was renewed, and not just for quilting. Once I got home I found I was equally enthusiastic about getting back to work in my office and starting my new series of paintings. I didn't even find a need to get irritated at my husband. I felt like I really HAD taken a chill pill.

I realized how important it was to get away from my old grind and do something I enjoyed that was totally different from my norm. Somewhere in the change, I found renewed enthusiasm and excitement that had sneakily escaped my familiar work environment . I was refreshed and even anxious to get started again, with renewed energy, a second wind. If you are an artist with your own business, you know that it is easy to get way over absorbed in the workings of your business. Take a break. Get out and do something totally different for a few days that you love. The results will absolutely amaze you and make a tremendous difference in your attitude, your enthusiasm and probably even your energy level, and all for the good!

Where have you gone when you "got out"? What have you done that was totally different from your normal day to day? I'd love to hear about your places of escape.

One last note. If you are looking for a place to have an artists retreat or workshop, consider The Retreat House in Rockport, Texas. It is an excellent place to relax, create and participate. Clean and beautiful inside, scenic and relaxing outside. You must keep this on your list of possible locations for future events.


  1. Jeannette, this sounds fantastic. We have a great thing now, living here and being in NM in the summer. That is my big change. I always get inspired and refreshed. Good for you that you went.


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